Frequently asked questions

What is JSAT?

The Jersey Safety Awareness Test (JSAT) is an online health and safety test for those working in the construction industry. It is available in two levels. With the Advanced level aimed at Managers and Supervisors.

Does JSAT replace other training?

No, JSAT is a basic safety awareness test and does not replace specific training that should be provided by your employer.

Where can I take the JSAT test?

The test can be taken either through your employer or at a registered testing station.

Social Security number already assigned to another user?

Please email  and ask for a Transfer Form. We will switch the record from old to new employer.

Why do you need my Social Security number?

We use your Social Security number as a unique reference that can be cross checked by site foreman if required. Everyone using the system, including the 'Company Administrator', has their own record.  This record can be moved to any future employer or deleted on request by emailing

Can I use the company registration number to sign up?

No, everyone has their own individual record on JSAT.  The 'Company Admin' does not need to take the test, but must sign up with their own name and Social Security number as they are responsible for adding employee's or colleague's personal data to the JSAT system.

What type of test is it?

JSAT is an online, multiple choice test with 42 or 60 questions. You will need to select one option from three choices.  The questions you will see are randomly selected from a database containing over 500 questions and 40 sections.

What is the pass rate?

The pass rate is 80% for JSAT Basic and 90% for JSAT Advanced.

How long is the JSAT card or certificate valid for?

It is valid for three years and then must be retaken. Reminders will not be sent out.

How do I get a JSAT card?

To obtain a credit card style card the JSAT test must be taken at a registered testing station. This will incur a charge. You cannot swap a certificate for a card without retaking the test. 

How do I get a JSAT certificate?

Speak to your employer. If your employer is registered with JSAT, you can take the test free of charge at their offices.

Can my employer charge me to take the test?

No. Employers sign an agreement with JSAT that does not allow them to charge their employees when the test is taken at their offices and a certificate is issued. They have an obligation to ensure you are trained, so should also pay the cost of taking the test at a testing station.