Jersey Safety Awareness Tests

JSAT Basic is intended to raise awareness of health and safety issues in construction. It is not an examination of an individuals' competency.

JSAT Advanced is for anyone who supervises others within the construction or allied industries. It is particularly relevant to those fulfilling the roles of Contracts Management, Site Management and Site Supervisors.

Successfuly passing the Jersey Safety Advanced Test at a Registered Testing Station will demonstrate an advanced knowledge of construction site health and safety management and an understanding of the 2016 Management in Construction Regulations.  

The Jersey Safety Awareness Test (JSAT) can assist employers in complying with the general duties placed on them under Articles 3 and 5 of the Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law 1989 and the Health and Safety (Management in Construction) (Jersey) Regulations 2016. 

Whilst the answers provided give advice on the legal requirements, they should not be taken as authoritative or comprehensive.  They do not take the place of the actual Law and Regulations, copies of which can be accessed via 

Taking the test

Employees can take the JSAT Basic test:

  • at a Registered Testing Station unless their employer is already registered to deliver the test.  
  • JSAT cards can only be obtained from a Registered Testing Station

A valid JSAT Advanced Test should only be taken at a Registered Testing Station

Individuals and sole traders must take the test at a Registered Testing Station. This includes companies where the only employees are the directors.

Employers can arrange for their employees to take the test at a Registered Testing Station.

  • JSAT Basic and JSAT Advanced are valid for three years, then must be retaken
  • A certificate will be issued to those who pass JSAT Basic with their employer, but should NOT be issued after passing JSAT Advanced
  • Credit card style cards will be issued to those that pass either JSAT Basic or JSAT Advanced at a Registered Testing Station
  • JSAT Basic is available in English,English, Portuguese, Polish and French
  • JSAT Advanced is available in English only

Please note: you cannot take the test with your employer and collect a card from a Registered Testing Station.


The tests are:

  • Will incur a charge when taken at a Registered Testing Station. See 'Testing Station' tab above for current prices
  • Free when taking the test online at their employer’s offices, where the employer registered prior to June 2024


We strongly recommend that all employees revise before taking a test to maximise the chance of achieving the required pass mark without having to sit a re-test. 

Sample question resources are available to candidates taking JSAT Basic in English, Portuguese, Polish and French via the JSC and JSAT websites or by using the tab at the top of this webpage.

Similar sample question sets are available in English only for JSAT Advanced. Candidates are advised to read through the questions in advance of taking the test.


The scheme is fully internet based with copyright owned and controlled by the Jersey Safety Council.


Should you have any questions about this scheme please contact the Jersey Safety Council by email to or contact a Registered Testing Station.